Wednesday, March 10, 2010

you are my muse

necklace: H&M // belt: vintage // leggings: F21 // cape sweater, shoes, bracelet:

Yes, cape sweater again—belting it this time. 

I bought these lace leggings on an impulse last July but I never got around wearing them since nothing in my wardrobe quite "matched." 
This is the first I'm wearing them! I think I did an alright job lol. Opinions?

This cake was delishhh! Strawberry meringue with crusty layers from Second Cup (it's almost like the Canadian version of Starbucks but not quite).
Pair this with their green tea latte.. my day would be complete!

I found this little creation (most likely by some upperyears) on the window of one of our studios. 
"Design is a cult!"
haha, being a design student, I can mildly agree.
And as Oskar pointed out, design is a cunt too.

PS. Thank you all for your kind comments! 


  1. I'm loving the leggings with those shoes, really fetish! I think I'm going to bring the word FETCH back :) aha....yeah'll never go :)

    The cake......delicious!! Now I have a taste for cheese cake, of course I always have "a taste" for anything greasy, fruity and something I haven't had before. What can I say; I LOVE TO EAT! Design is a cult! ....???, ummmm I'd say it's more of a creation, but that's me :)

    Have a lovely evening :)

  2. that cape sweater is pretty awesome :)

  3. hey you~

    I always want to get a brownie from second cup but I can't stand the fucking line ups. Why wait that long for something small, the cake looks so good and I want to try but I never will because I'll be gone by the time the line up clears.

    Last time I went the cashier accused me of checking her out too, I was looking at all the workers to serve me but she just thought I was staring at her. Jeez.

  4. You really should make a strip to cross out the cult part and add cunt in GILL SANS on it. Or maybe set it in Cooper Black Italic, or Baskerville Std.

    Much more personality!

  5. That sweater cape is amazing, don't apologise for wearing it! Leggings are lovely too :)



  6. hi thnx for commenting on my blog, i'll be happy if you want follow :)
    those tights are hot and i also loved the shoes and the backround they're really cute!
    ΜΑr Φ.

  7. I love the cape sweater and the leggings. For a second there on the second picture I thought your belt was Yves Saint Laurent lol
    Ohh CAKE!

    - Michelle

  8. saw u on chictopia!!! thought id drop by on ur blog as well!!! i love this outfit so much esp those tights!!! great great look!

    xoxo jenna

  9. love love that coat!!! it has such a great design!!! :D statement piece for sure! :D

  10. omg im in love with that cape sweater thingy!
    i want it! :(

  11. Loved the outfit! You did a great job!

  12. I LOVE that cape sweater! Where did you get it? Also, I love love love Second Cup. I've been to one of the few Starbucks we have in Canada (yay Canada!) but I prefer Second Cup much more.

    Sarah from The Etiquette Cult

  13. Erik! First, thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. Secondly, loving this all black outfit. It has the right combination of dark & lovely. The all black and cape give a dark and almost creepy like feel, but then the lace tights soften it with an indescribable loveliness. The push and pull of the two elements creates a great effect!
    Ummm, that cake looks delicious by the way. Yum!


  14. i love your sweater! looks good with the belt :)
    and that cake looks yummmyy


  15. oh wow, that cape sweater is effing amazing!

  16. darling, this is perfection.x

  17. love, love this sweater--and the leggings too!