Friday, March 5, 2010

Cutout Skulls

I saw pictures of the Pleasure Principle cut out sweaters and decided I needed one.
I attached a pdf of the pattern and a small tutorial if you want to make your own!

(tee, DIY; studded jeans, DIY; white tank + peeptoe booties, forever21)

Here is my "tutorial"
It's actually just a really fast cut out project. Max. 2 hours.

-Sweater or tshirt you want to cut out -- I used a long sleeved tee from Old Navy.
-Scissors, preferably a small one to cut the smaller pieces out easily
-A printer
-White marker or chalk (or a pencil, if you are draw on light coloured fabrics)

1. Download this pdf and print on two sheets of letter-sized paper.

2. Cut out the dark areas from your stencil

3. Align the two sheets on the area you want to cut out -- the back of the shirt works the best. Tape the stencil down.

4. Grab your white chalk (I used a white marker, but chalk works best), or a black pencil for the white tshirts and outline the areas you cut out of the paper.

5. Finish should look something like this:

6. Cut out along the lines you drew out...and you're done!

Worn with my favourite rings, from F21 and H&M


  1. So clever, I love your studded jeans too!

  2. wow, looks great on you!! :) so clever haha.

  3. you have an incredibly interesting style! :D
    love it!

    thanks for dropping by my blog -- that way i got to discover yours!
    i'm soo following you...
    hope you could follow back!

    and yes, imogen heap (esp in frou frou) calms me down anytime of the day...

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  4. Oh wow, what a great idea.
    From your new follower x

  5. wow you're amazing!! love the top!! you did an awesome job!!

  6. I remember when that particular shirt was really popular, but i really like your rendition of it!

    - Robbin

  7. i love this! it looks great on you!

  8. great DIY, very creative :D

  9. Hey :)!!

    Your shirt is BRILLIANT! I like reallllyyy like it. If you have a collection do tell...I'll be a diehard FAN...seriously.

  10. oeeh i love it<3
    and i want your shoes!! so pretty=]

  11. this is so amazing and creative! i just love it :)
    looks absolutely fab
    and loved this post

  12. this is cool as shit! i love love love it. i'm doing one asap :)


  13. wow that's great)) it seems to be not hard at all)

  14. whoaaa, a diy must! can't wait to try it, thanks for sharing! <3

    Tie Me a Bow


  15. thanks for the diy!!
    I'll make it one day :)

  16. Very awesome. Great jeans too!! Love the studding.

  17. I love DIYs!

    This is an amazing on, it looks so good on.