Friday, March 12, 2010

we live half in the day time, and we live half at night

(Black trench, from my mom; leopard trench, forever21; grey tank, forever21; grey tulle, Zipia; lace tights, don't remember; oxfords, Zipia)

Wore this to the post office to pick my shoes!!
There's gonna be many more packages coming for me thanks to F21's free shipping right now..

A friend took this photo of me..
my hair faded a bit, but maybe this gives a better idea of what it looks like.
(it's a yucky green in the back, but I'm too busy to dye it)

These past few days I've been up really early to catch the sunrise
I've been super stressed from work and trying to cope that going on photography trips by the river early morning calms me a bit.

Just sharing some photos with you guys now.


  1. oh my god, is that PiM's cookie? :D

  2. loving the shade of your hair!!

  3. gorgeous look! i love the blue shade of your hair!

  4. awesome awesome photos and outfit as usual =)
    the tights are way too cute!
    - Robbin

  5. love the look & love your hair as well!


  6. Tights, I want! the trench coat, i like.

    ugh son, your hair. green!! dlgha'sdklg

    I just realized that it's so unusual seeing you without heels now hahahhaha

  7. Your hair color looks awesome on you! That outfit is uber cute! :)

  8. thank you, but look at yout shots. they are way better ~!!
    beautiful. i love them ♥

    and your blog is really nice.
    i'm going to follow you guys :D

  9. These are stunning pictures -- what camera do you use?


  10. Some really good stuff going on here. Love the last photo, just the right moment at the right angle.

    Thank you for dropping by at my site. Yes, I use an external flash and I bounce it off the ceiling most of the time, using a diffuser. I know that Gary Fong lightspheres are really good for diffusing the light of external flashes, so give them a try (pricey though)!

    Do you use an external flash?

  11. Love the oxfords with the skirt.
    And your photographs are beautiful.