Saturday, March 13, 2010


(sheer shirt, thrifted; grey skirt, Zipia; Ann D lace up replicas, Gmarket)

Look guys, new shoes!
Actually, I've been wanting these shoes for a long long time now,
ever since Ann Demeulemeester sent them down the runway many seasons ago.
Well if I could I would just wear Ann for the rest of my life, but course that's not in my budget at all.

These are great quality replicas, and they costed less than a hundred dollars!
(Yeah, those Jeffrey Campbell copies were not in my budget either)

Actually, other than getting the shoes in the mail
this week has been the worst, most disastrous week ever.
After stressing over and over about the design of a kitchen product
I finally decided on the design and even after doing my renderings three times
Still, nothing looked good.
I missed the deadline and when I finally had something to hand in, the secretary wasn't there!

On top of that, there are tonnes of work to deal with and do
Formals to plan and posters to make.
The worst came yesterday
when the trackpad on my less-than-a-year-old MacBook Pro just CRACKED
while I pushed the edge to see why it wasn't clicking.

I don't think the next two weeks are going to go well either....


  1. The last picture was definitely favorite - dangerously chic. : )
    Great outfits - especially the shoes that went really well!

  2. I love how the dress is so airy and light! BEAUTIFUL

  3. Love the skirt and shoes! I've been trying to find some good knock offs like those too.

  4. love your shoes! i want them! so cute! thanks so much for your sweet comment.. i hope i get to do some styling but im sure it will be more grunt work

  5. loev those shoes and shirt.

  6. Everything about this outfit is LOVE! the sheer blouse, flowy skirt, AMAZING ann d's (replicas or not)!
    despite the terrible weekday, hope this weekend does not fail you!

    - Robbin

  7. Beautiful photos, yet again! I love the angle, and the shoes are simply stunning. I want, I want!


  8. the shoes are amazing!great outfit:)

  9. just be positive!
    everything happens for a reason..
    good things are bound to happen..*wink*

    anyway, love this outfit!
    i love your androgynous look but you wear dresses so gracefully!

    vanilla ice cream ♥ 
    | for the love of accessories |

  10. Your seriously gorgeous! How amazing is this?!

    Lovely blog :)

    Cheers, Jesa

  11. I want those shoes! Sorry to hear about your week and especially sorry to hear about your MacBook, though. :(

    Sarah from The Etiquette Cult

  12. those are hotttt shoes!! :D sorry about your macbook! :/