Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Nature of Things

(shirt altered by me; skirt - zara; bag - thrifted; shoes -Gmarket)

As you can see, I have a weird obsession with this skirt and the cut of it -- I have it in yellow and pink, and I had it in orange too but I decided it didn't make any sense to have three of the same thing so I returned it...though now I'm beginning to regret it.
I'm planning to have it made in green when I go to China next year, seeing as Zara is all sold out.

I've also been taking the sleeves off of shirts for the summer too, and this is another one of my victims. It was originally the kind of spunky short sleeved shirts you'd see on fun but badly dressed 60 year olds.

Here I am outside of the Canadian Museum of Nature. They had recently (about a year ago) renovated the building, the most significant being that a glass cube that was added to the top. It looks pretty cool, though I'm not sure if it serves any real purpose other than to look pretty and feel "modern".

I don't have a green thumb, per se, but I'm getting into a hobby of making new homes for my cacti (check out my glass cacti terrarium)! Here is my new spinely cactus in his own teak bowl (call me weird, but I have quite an extensive collection of Scandinavian teak bowls).

I like the idea of a hardy plant in teak and glass. There's a fair bit of romanticism in the combination of desert , wood and glass working together. I'm probably thinking of Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West..


  1. love the outfit!! (:


  2. Those terrariums are so adorable. I am really into moss terrariums, but now I want to try cacti! I love the brights in your outfit, so fun :)


  3. Omg you're from Ottawa too! Great to know theres good bloggers around here. Thanks for visiting my blog btw! and as for going to china soon, YOU'RE SO LUCKY!

  4. I love the skirt!!!:)
    following you now.

  5. Hey, you should now I'm so much in love with polkadot <3
    thanks for visiting :)