Sunday, July 3, 2011

Go Outside

Candice and I met up randomly on Canada Day at the Harbour Front and got a bit of sun (I'm back in Toronto for the weekend). It was great, minus the insane number of tourists. Enjoy the photos from my new camera! Hope everyone has had a great Canada Day long weekend!

shirt: h&m // skirt: // shoes: minnetonka

(shirt - forever21; skirt - zara; loafers - joan & david; bag - danier)


  1. i love your hair! so cool :)

  2. best dyed hair i have seen ina very long time! so lovely

  3. Omgosh, Candice's hair is beautiful!

  4. Candice lookin great man~

    I corrected the stationery post. I'm so so embarrassed but that will be a lesson for me. To be fair, every.single.person wrote the same mistake too! I don't think many ppl can distinguish stationary/stationery. You are a smartie pants for seeing that.

    I will never give up my jdramas =D I don't touch kdrama but jdramas are amazing kiddo, whatchu talkin about!! I don't like oguri shun but I've had a man crush on kimura takuya since forever. Oh man if only I could understand Japanese like you sigh. Back in my first few years of uni, I had NO TV in residence. So I literally sifted through every single show airing in Japan and burned through them all. Good times.. got me through many dinners fo sho.

  5. how the hell do you remember that I used the stitching photo before?!?!?!? holy fuck... you are my bestest reader ever. I didn't even remember until I started flipping back~ Insane Candice you are.

    PS - you were not the first comment :( But you were certainly the best~

  6. Just came across your blog, and I am so glad i did! I can honestly say I am obsessed with your hair. It is possibly the coolest dip-dyed hair I've ever seen. I'm digging your skirt as well by the way. Your blog is real cool, and i would love to follow each other. :)