Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Not a big update, but still one! A bit too busy to be getting photos, but I'm getting a new camera so there'll be more, hopefully!!

Got these asymmetrical court heels from Zara. They are my favourite shoes ever now (not that I've worn them out...) Gaaah, I just like to look at them.


  1. Shit shit shit, that looks insane! I thought they looked very vintage. Is it suede? Very very nice. So damn classy and timeless.

    Off topic, It looks like meatballs or fish balls (yum, let's get em at Pmall!) in the photo on your window.

  2. I got them on sale at Zara, 60+tax!! Last pair and in my size. WHAT WHAT? Meant to be. They're some kind of goatskin suede, super nice to touch lolol

    AND OMG THE PHOTO! It's a photo of the fishballs me and Nat got at pmall, one of the few good photos that came out of the ONLY ROLL I shot on my Holga before I lost it.

  3. wow these shoes are sooo wonderfull!!

    kisses from germany

  4. That is the second pair of cute Zara shoes I've seen this week - I must visit there soon!

  5. JBin! Carmen and I saw these in the 5-floor Zara in Rome and thought they were cute! But then we saw this lady put them on and they looked bad on her (she had fat feet). I'm glad you got them! I want to see them on you.. In a non-creepy way?