Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Hate the Nightlife

So I'm been sick and dressing all hipster frumpy all week (i.e. no colours). I never did think I would be labelled a hipster (cue you guys snickering as if you knew all along), but I was never thought about it until a friend called me a hipster offhandedly and everyone else around just agreed. Oh well. True hipsters are the ones that don't like being called hipsters. At least I can pretend to be authentic.

I'm not really sure what these photos are...not really a photoshoot (I actually hate the blogging connotations of that word) other than fooling around with some friends and acting crazy.

My theme that day was vampire from the future (like Twilight combined with The Matrix...you got me?)

Tried to go a little Terry Richardson with the flash (not so great with just the built in pop-up flash..)

Most hipster photo of me ever.

Look at how fail I am posing...never model material.

I have this hubcab on my wall..found it at a party last year and just decided I need to have it on my wall.


Actually trying to do the Matrix! There are some really fail photos of us trying to run like the vampires in Twilight but clearly they didn't turn out well..

I'm not sure what you would take from these but they were lots of fun. I have a feeling a lot of people will stop reading this blog because you'll be all like OMG SHE'S SO CREEPY AND HIPSTER OMGZ.

May the hipster be with you.


  1. It is confusing when you see people on the street who i guess appear to have a hipster vibe. It's hard to figure out if that is just the style they like and are truly comfortable in or if they are trying to stay only with the trends. Either way it doesn't matter if you are a "hipster" or whatever as long as you are comfortable and happy in what you wear and know your true style. Be whoever you want to be! On a side note, Where did you get your maxi skirt? :)

  2. these are fun pics :) my husband thinks i'm hipster, i just say whatever!