Sunday, September 19, 2010


Another short entry for you's been busy and good for me. Lots of parties before things get real busy! (Ok, so not actually parties, but good enough for me).

Getting on the double denim trend for the official industrial design beach day.

(denim shirt, hand-me-down; denim shorts, Guess; brown heels, Aldo; ring, forever21)

It was a really nice day at the beach, albiet a bit chilly (thus me, donning my epic leopard trench).
Can you spot the people just WALKING ON WATER?!

No longer walking on water :(

Meet some first years and they are just awesome. I'm excited to share studio with them and boss them around.


  1. double denim and leopard print coat is lovely.
    i only just started university and its already taking all my free time, so parties are a no no atm... or not. :)

  2. wish that i also lived in a place where its warm enuf to go to the beach, but breezy enuf to wear comfy pretty coats!