Sunday, September 12, 2010

the love machine

(tank dress, asos; jacket, forever21; mesh leggings & shoes, zipia)

As you can see, I've finally moved in to my new place in Ottawa. I'm living with 5 (!!!) other friends here. We get a lot of visitors to our house...we live pretty close to the station and people just like to drop by whenever they want. I was about to take a nap when some friends suddenly showed up and made me go have a movie marathon at their house.

I can never resist movies. I watched Star Trek for the 4th time on their big screen in HD with surround sound, and then The Invention Lying (kind of EH even though Ricky Gervais was in it), and then Up (once again). Does no one else cry at the wordless part with Ellie and Carl??
I always end up crying at the end of that sequence...

I ended up staying way past the intended time..the train stopped running. My housemates and I had to walk to the nearest transitway but ended up walking in the complete opposite direction...
We did end up home though thanks to the only 24 hr bus here in Ottawa...

I couldn't say no to movies and friends who are as boss as this.

That was yesterday and tonight....somehow we ended up seeing two concerts in one night, one made for hipsters (in the Glebe) and another made for bros (at Carleton's frosh).

What can I say? This fucking hipster liked The Love Machine much much much more. Plus the light show was pretty damn awesome.

They were decent, but were terrific on their instruments and the instrumentals were just so boss.
Preferred the instrumentals to the singing, but then again, I'm a big fan of Explosions in the Sky and 65daysofstatic.

I am exhausted now. My year is having a BBQ at my house tomorrow so I'm anticipating that!
After doing nothing much for 4 whole months during the summer, this kind of frenzied activity really tires me out. 


  1. ohh how exciting! :D wish I could move out soon and be free! hahaha xx

  2. this is so cute! u have great style :)

  3. ha, I just watched Star Trek:)
    awesome outfit!

  4. Love your motorcycle jacket, and the booties!

    Of course I cry during Up, those Pixar movies always get me.

    Chic on the Cheap