Tuesday, July 6, 2010

all of a sudden i miss everyone

(dress, socks: forever21; sunnies: eBay; laceup heels: gmarket)

Oh my GOD it is so hot in Toronto, I'm not even kidding.
I went outside at like 6:30 am to take these photos for literately 5 minutes and 
I'm sweating more than a pedophile when a FBI van pulls up.

Really, this heatwave is all over Canada, from Toronto to Montréal all the way over to the Maritimes. 
As much I like heat, I HATE the humidity. I don't like sweating so much, so sticky, and you have to drink water all the time.

(rings from H&M and f21, aldo shoe straps used as bracelets, bracelets from friend/thrift, unshaven legs)

I'm sorry I'm ranting so much, but I'm on that kind of weird sleeping schedule where I'm asleep when everyone I rant to is awake.
Like mah new tats? They're the shit aren't they? 
I'm so badass, just look at me gazing apathetically away from the camera.

What do you think they are? Japanese characters...Arabic? Maybe even Chinese?

LOL, none of the above. I'm a chicken and went with dragon temporary tattoos down my chest. 
I found a sizeable stash of temporary tats in my basement and decided to play around..
They would look pretty legit if not for the GLITTER surrounding the actual tat. 
Who puts glitter with hardcore dragons?

Paul the Octupus predicted a Spanish win over Germany, but you know what? 
I stopped caring right after Argentina was knocked out. 
(It was the last team with players I actually am familiar with in the WC, now all I have left is Wesley Sneijder, that as much as I love Wes, being an Inter fan and all, he's not enough to make me like the NED team.)

You know what I hate about the World Cup though? It's not my teams losing, it's not my favourite players injured, it's annoying little "football" fans that come out only once every 4 years and proclaim to be the country's biggest fan ever. Like seriously, they'll regularly post to their facebook news updates from FIFA about what the coach said, or what happened during training, but when you ask them which club won Champions League last season or what clubs their favourite players play/played for, they draw a blank.

I honestly welcome any new fans picking up watching/appreciating soccer/football and gaining interest in it, but don't act like a fucking know-it-all superior to every other fan just because you surf the internet a bit. Some of us spend hours everyday trying to keep up with our favourite teams and players out of sheer passion, so don't try to belittle us just because you wanna seem like the know-it-all authority figure when EVERYONE is watching the World Cup 
(evidently everyone but me, since I sleep through it all. Blame it on Domenech and Joachim Löw.)

Sorry if I sound like an a-hole. I'm all rant-y and kind of lacking in sleep.


  1. I think your WC rant is funny, cuz it's true! Sometimes I hate hearing people talk about sports

  2. "Sweating more than a pedophile when an FBI van comes up." OH MY GOD I laughed out loud. Thank you for amusingness. :D

    I love your red socks/shoes combooo. I've been looking for colorful socks about that length. ; w; want~

    Looking amaaaaaazing as always 8D

  3. This is such a cute outfit.
    Eat, Sleep, Denim <3

  4. This is my favourite post of yours so far, bro. THE GLITTERY TATTS, FOOTBALL RANT, YOUR HUMOUR (EG. "I'm sweating more than a pedophile when a FBI van pulls up.").

    No seriously though, I would be like WTF if I saw you/someone with a tatt down their neck/sternum.

  5. you're so funny;))
    awesome dress!

  6. lovely booties!


  7. love your shoes!!
    my GIVEAWAY ends tomorrow!!

  8. I love how saturated the first photos are! The intense green and pink is so lucious =D
    Temporary tattoos are the best! I made my own once. They're so fun! I'm sure you've seen the Chanel ones, right? Bringing temporary tattoos back in style, woo! ^ ^

  9. Cute outfit! I love those shoes!

    Come check out the giveaway on my blog!

  10. Pretty accessories! The red socks were a nice touch! ^_^

  11. 1.You're funny!In a good way!
    2.LOVE your owl ring!!!