Saturday, June 19, 2010

twin peaks

I've been spending 9 hours a day just watching the World Cup...
Very tiring, so not much energy left to take photos and blog!
Plus, I just laze around in my Sweden jersey anyway with my laptop in hand..

(black blazer, thrifted; everything else, forever21)

My yard is pretty much a mess but as you can see there is a lot of life in it..
We have two different types of rose bushes in the yard, plus lots of other plants.

I just got my haircut too, but the green parts are still getting lighter and lighter
as you can see here...I'm not sure what to do with it but it's slightly cool.

Photo of one of the roses in the yard.
It's actually pretty hard to photograph these roses because the colour never comes out quite right.

The World Cup has certainly made me a very busy woman,
always on twitter and blogging (I run a football blog on the side.)
I almost never leave the house now and it's driving me crazy!!

These shoes make me very happy. They're so shiiiiiiny and glittery and the right shape.
It's too bad they're a bit too stiff and always gives me blisters, because I'd wear them all the time otherwise! They add just the right amount of (overdone) flair to anything I wear.

Also, I totally meant to go see Surfer Blood + The Raveonettes + lots of other bands at NXNE,
but it turns out I had to do a family thing last minute..
It didn't rain either! The weather was perfect and it just made me mad.


  1. I like your yard. And those shoes are amazing, I saw them and regretted not getting them. But that sucks they give you blisters! Especially since they're so cute! :( but you look adorable, love love your dress and all of it's pretty colors.

  2. so so pretty and cool haircut and cool clothes and cool everything. I hate it when nice shoes give you pain! but then i just end up having to stick it out and endure it!

    i wish i was more into football to get whats going on right now, but i just dont have a clue ahaha

  3. lovely shoes and outfit!

  4. love your shoes!

  5. hey hun! i'm having a makeup sale on my blog, so please feel free to check it out! ;)

  6. Oh this outfit is too lovely! I love everything about it, esp the shiny shoes!

    I think your hair is awesome and the green too! Always changes colors, but it still looks good on you.

  7. Love the photos! And color in hair is awesome =) Cheer for Switzerland today! ;)

  8. the print of the dress and those sparkly shoes are awesome! i think the shoes can make you fly..hehe.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  9. email me:
    so we can work something out.
    and i do accept paypal =)

  10. i just love everything about this outfit!! great ensemble!!! everything works so well together! :D

    Animated Confessions

  11. I am coming out of lurker-status to tell you that this is my favourite outfit out of all the ones you have posted so far :)

    ps. yes, your hair is very awesome atm

  12. Nice photography!!! :)

    I just love the dress! ^_^ More LOTD please!

  13. I can't take my eyes off these photos, the outfit is just so lovely! You are an awesome photographer, can you please teach me?

  14. jennifer - Hey your hair is still blue/green~ nice outfit. Funny how you talk about roses... I lived in a flower store for 2 summers of my life. Every time I see roses, my mind just flashes back to childhood.

    candice - that ice cream in the last post is mine. You were only allowed to take a picture of it, that belongs to me. Such a pig eating straight out of the tub. Even I don't do that -_-

  15. i need need need those shoes..x

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  17. oh wow, i love your style!
    great outfit, super cute ;D

  18. I just adore this style, especially the shoes : I'm so in love with glitters !!

    See U !

  19. Love the way you coordinated this. Great job! Love the dress, stockings and shoes. Okay...the blazer looks good too. So i guess that means i love everything. lol.