Tuesday, July 13, 2010

my life magazine

It's been a long time since I updated, exactly a month actuallyt. Y'know, enjoying life/summer can be busy sometimes!
The past weeks had been chaotic–renovation, my sister's wedding, and spending time together with the whole family since my second sister flew back from Japan for the wedding.

I also went to Casa Loma with my sisters. It's a beautiful Gothic Revival castle built in the early 1900's but it's been a tourist attraction since it was seized by the city. 
It's shame that we were in a rush due to early closing hour so I didn't have the chance to take too many photos.

Last Friday Metric came for a massive concert with Holy Fuck and Passion Pit opening. I gotta be honest, I mainly went for Passion Pit and Holy Fuck. Conflicts arose between a friend and some ticket issue thus I missed HF entirely and even a few songs of PP. (I'm not even gonna go into details of how much of a d-bag my friend was.)


chiffon dress: Armani Exchange // necklace: MGMT cd (lolol) // oxfords: Aldo

Something Good Can Work - Two Door Cinema Club

Continue to enjoy your summer everyone, as I shall be with mine.


  1. your kitchen is baaaaaalling and look at your sister's rock. DAMN.

    lol @ the hipsters walking to places and the fitting photograph with all dat grain.

  2. Your pictures are so faaaabulous. AND SUCH A SHINY DIAMOND~ amazing amazing. <33

  3. Enjoyed looking at all the pictures, especially the first one!:D

    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

    and just wanted to say, i use those pens too. haha.

  5. i am loving all of these pictures!

  6. I showed my mom your kitchen and said, see? this is what kitchens should look like.

  7. candice - That's quite a dress you got there kiddo O.O When I first saw your kitchen I thought someone had died in it (because the right pic looked like someone in jeans was laying on the ground with black shoes on). So I looked more clearly~ But Vera is right, that's quite a lovely cooking place O.O

    Your wedding pictures are so clear >< And the concert pic was fantabulous!

    replying to the lovely ladies:

    jenster - Prince Harry is a nazi. LOL. Sorry to say, he is the devil child and will never inherit the throne >< But okay if he ever visits canada I'll make sure I camp out and take lots of photos for you! Thank you for liking my photographs :) Don't bother stalking ignatieff, he's an idiot...

    candice - The only reason I knew she was coming to toronto was because I sifted through government websites for the itinerary!! Don't worry, NOBODY knew. I fucking missed the Emperor and Empress of Japan when they came to Toronto omgod... I circled it 3 weeks in advance and couldn't find which hospital they were going to see... and they ended up visiting the hospital where my friend was working. "Hey Kev, two REALLY short Japanese seniors surrounded by security. This what you were talking about nonstop?" Fuck I was smashing my head against the table.

    Underwear showing woman is in the photo with text "For a split second..." underneath it. She is to the right and wearing a black dress with orange tank top :) Have fun.