Monday, February 22, 2010

l'autobus trois

I'm back from Montreal!
I had a a great time with everyone.
All 150 of us dominated the entire hotel since the trip was organized by my affiliated college.
We got to party hard in the halls unlike in residence haha.

I didn't bring my dslr, in fear of having it stolen (as warned by a friend).
So these point-and-shoot photos shall suffice.

One part of the Festival Lumiere.
The spiky inflated sculptures changes colours.

At the Biodome. There were blue star fish! I didn't know that those existed.

Poutine with Italian sausages.
Most authentic poutine I've ever had in my life! 
I can't recall the name of the restaurant but it's in Old Montreal.
The buildings and roads in Old Montreal were beautiful. I felt like I was in Europe!

We went to Old Montreal. Tons of art galleries.
We went by a contemporary furniture store but unfortunately it was closed.

Book case! There were other ones too, like Coach, Gucci, YSL, but I liked the Chanel one the most.

Unfortunately, I was too busy being a tourist to get any outfit shots at all.
But I promise, I didn't look sloppy!

PS. Check out this song and video by Vampire Weekend.
Love the cameo of Jake Gyllenhaal! 

One of my favourite bands and this video is just hilarious.


  1. Hey, thanks for the helpful comment on my blog.

    I'll keep you updated on the DIY, not sure if it'll happen though.

    Please follow my blog for other things that may tickle your fancy :)

    ps. that poutine looks amazing. i'm drooling.


  2. WOW, i am in love with that Chanel book!! v jealous x