Friday, January 22, 2010

Long Weekend

I am stuck in studio all weekend,
so there is nothing better to do than post right?
I'm sorry Erik that I am breaking the chain,
but I am actually all alone in studio with no inspiration or ideas at 10 p.m. and without dinner.

Nevertheless, it looks like I'll be living in jeans, jersey knits, and thermals (a.k.a all comfort clothing) all weekend,
so I thought I'd take some photos before being stranded at school for 3 whole days without going home.

(men's thermal, Urban Outfitters; jean shorts, Forever21; gold leggings, American Apparel a-la Erik (again);
most splendid boots in the world, Value Village)

Ahh, studio really is a scary place when you're all alone.
We have no windows in our studio, so you can never keep track of time.
It almost feels like time does not pass in this place because it always looks the same,
the way the light falls, the way the workspace is arranged.

If only we can have natural light.
I always make sure I don't go into the architecture studios during dusk
because they have floor to ceilingwindows and the light is just so beautiful.

Kind of like this.
Taken at dusk today, on my way to school.

Now, back to researching a design for my vehicle :(

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