Saturday, January 30, 2010

it is as if the season mocks my sadness

Both Erik and I are super busy this week with school work. I have a midterm in about 7 hours and I still have one more chapter to study!

But I'm going to take a break and just talk a bit about interests and things like that.

I guess Erik and I never really did introduce ourselves.

We are two design students from across the country of Canada...
ok, so it's the province of Ontario. Close enough.

I'm studying Industrial Design in Ottawa (Carleton students, if you ever see a bizarrely dressed girl, give me a holler)
and Erik is studying Graphic Design in Toronto (don't holler at her)

I love shoes
And that's an understatement.
This is a pair that I had bought for prom
but decided it needed to be more of a statement
so I glued bits of mirror onto the heel.
Surprising enough, it managed to qualify
Aldo's DIY contest

while I didn't win
they were nice enough to send me a giftcard so I can buy more shoes

One of these days I'll show you how to make these shoes
(trust me, it's super easy)

Don't you just hate it when you misplace things?
I misplaced my favourite owl ring
I obviously had it when I took this photo before Christmas break
so where did it go?

I'm sure most of us have this problem
having too much clothing
and not knowing what to wear in the morning,
so we try on things and leave a huge mess in our rooms

I'm sure my ring is around here...somewhere.

I also can't make up my mind
if I want to buy this jacket or not

it has a beautiful androgynous shape

And you can wear it in so many different ways

but I have spent so much money on clothing already..
it really seems like overspending on clothes does run in the family!

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