Saturday, January 30, 2010

an animal, not a robot

Ha, it seems like I'm posting almost everyday!
Damn Erik and her school work
I guess it's a good thing that I'm done for now, just some rendering to do :)

(leopard print trench, forever21; beige hole-y sweater, michael kors; studded jeans, DIY; black boots, f21)

I got this trench from Forever21 for cheap (15$)
It's 100% cotton and quite comfortable.

I see a lot of leopard in the men's shows in Milan,
and though I'm not a big fan of animal print
this print seems whimsical, relaxed, and almost comical.
this definitely isn't a print to see on a real leopard.

The sweater is definitely one of my new favourites.
I find myself wearing almost always the same things since boxing day shopping:
skinny jeans, oversized thermals/sweaters/tshirts, trusty boots.
I found this on consignment with Erik over boxing day.
It's not very practical in terms of warmth, but the texture is certainly very interesting.

For once, I have work to show you!

This may seem childish, but it's an egg racer used to race raw eggs down the hallway.
Yes, this is what my university education consists of.

The craft is really bad because I had to modify my car so it would actually race
(it is powered by a rubber band).

The funny part is that during the race, my car curved so much it took out another racer.

I've been looping this song all day


  1. Awesome outfit. Great trench and great DIY.
    And love your egg racer!

  2. those studded jeans totally rocks <3<3<3

    eclectic du jour

  3. amazing coat and pants! wow- looooving