Friday, July 13, 2012


(dress - Dongdaemum market in Seoul; choker - H&M in Harajuku; bag - taobao; "Ambush" boots - Topshop; rings - taobao & H&M) 
I'm finally baaaaccckk. I spent almost a whole month in Seoul and Tokyo, and it's so refreshing to be back in China (ok, minus the hot how it is. It's seriously 50 degrees centigrade here with the humidity.)

I picked up a million accessories from H&M while I was in Tokyo. Only 300 yen for this choker...I must have lucked out and just caught sale season!

Still obsessed with this bag as you can see...going to get the bigger version of it!

It maybe a long time until I post again (AGAIN) since I am going on vacation with my grandparents. /badblogger


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  2. You are indeed a bad blogger. UPDATE PLEASE