Monday, March 7, 2011

Should Have Taken Acid With You

The weather has been super up and down lately, really warm on one day and then freezing cold with the worst windchill on the next. It's been exceedingly hard to get dressed in the morning without going out and not be like DAMN, I'M OVER/UNDERDRESSED!

In other news, I've been wearing mostly the same monochromatic things for the past few months. This comfy tank dress from AA that I have in 2 colours (grey and black) and this cropped sweater from H&M. And my grey Urbanears! 

(quartz necklace - DIY; boots - Spring; cropped sweater - h&m; leather skinnies - f21)

These are the boots I got in the last post! They're unsuspectingly high, but quite comfortable to walk in. Plus, quite a deal for 27$! I also ordered the brown ones for 15$ but they don't look quite right, so I guess I'll be returning those.

Been doing lots of work on Illustrator lately..check out my self portrait!


  1. I love your boots and that price is a steal!!! Loves it! I see you've still got snow, it took forever for the mountains to melt here in NY but it's gone, hopefully forever! lol

  2. omg u look simply awesome! I keep thinking can I rock this look?

  3. Ugh I hate how you make dressing up for winter look so easy! I on the other hand simply fear the cold, so I did nothing this winter but lived in my faux fur vest and refuse to take off my jacket even when indoors lol

    I adore the boots!

  4. thank you <3

    very cool boots!

  5. niiiice outfit!!adore your boots!