Thursday, February 24, 2011

Psychic Chasms

Neon Indian - Psychic Chasms

Here's a new section..
Recent Purchases:

80%20 Heidi Boot; 38$ from Little Burgundy Now 27$!

Multicoloured Keds, 15$ from Little Burgundy

MUJI Card Holder, 6$ from MUJI
(Thank you Candice!)

Jeffrey Campbell knockoffs, 27$ from Spring Shoes
(Brown version is only 15$!!)

Justin Bieber x OPI nail polishes


  1. Omg those boots! Such a good deal. I'm gutted they don't ship overseas. Those colourful keds are well cool! Can't wait to see outfit posts with them on.
    *new follower*

  2. I really love the Heidi boot!

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, no luck yet with finding them unfortunately.


  3. Please tell me you're actually JOKING about $15 for those boots in brown. That's just crazy!!! I've NEVER seen boots that cheap in my life! Have to check this out lol.
    Sharon @ Fun and Life

    P.S. Is there a way to allow your Name/URL option for non-blogspot users so I don't have to put a link to my blog in the comment?

  4. Those Jefferey Campbell knock offs are GORGEOUS. I think I might go on a hunt for them :)

    I found that deer ring at Yorkdale's H&M! You can try that location? The only downside to the ring is you can see the glue that connects the antlers and the head. But I'm super in love with the particular set, so I bought it regardless hahaha

  5. I love the Heidi Boots and the multicolored Keds! But my eyes are stuck on the boots - so smooth and ooooh! Hehe. Such amazing buys. x

  6. Shoes. *_* I badly want to go shopping but alas, no money.
    Thank you for following btw!