Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pursuit of Happiness

School is starting to pick up, but we still manage to sneak fun in there.
This is what I wore to see Two Door Cinema Club!
Candice and I are actually seeing in 3 times (between the 2 of us) in the span of like 4 days.
There'll probably be pictures later.

(jacket+faux leather jeans - forever21; dress - h&m; boots - aldo)

It's actually been snowing non-stop for a while, so there's been lots of snow!
We went tobogganing the other day and it was soooo much fun.
The hill at Mooney's Bay is so steep and awesome, and there were like smaller hills attached to it.

Don't you just love the thrill of going down a snowy hill? It's almost as good as free fall on a rollercoaster.

My friend had a 4 people sled, and it was just so awesome going down on that.

Do you guys like what I got over boxing day?
I love these boots and also this dress is so fairy-esque, haha.
Boots have no traction though, so going tobogganing in them was not the smartest idea...


  1. I love your dress and jacket! Its a beautiful combination. haha be careful in those non-traction boots of yours :)

  2. I love the outfit, perfect mix of hard and soft. Wonderfully chic.

  3. wow that fairy dress is extraordinary! I love how ethereal and pretty the colour is. you've styled it so well with the jacket and boots too! and two door cinema club are amazing! so jealous you're seeing them so many times! x