Monday, January 24, 2011


It was soooooo cold out today (-27°C), I actually wore two winter coats.
I still braved the cold to take photos though! It was actually just really cold because it was so windy...other than that it wasn't so bad.

I put on nice makeup to go to the Apple Store and see if I could seduce them into fixing the giant crack on my computer which happened from the extreeeeme cold, but silly me didn't get the closing time right so I ended up going to school.

(leather jacket - michael kors; shirt+boots - forever21; leggings - zipia; skirt - h&m)

Workin' on this packaging project in studio, so there's lots of foam going on right now.

I'll probably put more here but right now it's time for sleep and I'm super tired! Busy week ahead of me. I'm going to the Interior Design Show in Toronto this weekend, so I gotta finish all my other assignments ahead of time :(
Super excited to be going to back to Toronto though!!


  1. This is the only post of you where you look not pissed/semi-happy. Look at that 2nd pic, it's a smile.. which I never see from you. LOLZ

  2. Wow, the next time I go to the apple store, I'll wear a shit ton of eyeliner or something. Since I'm a dude, they're bound to pay attention. That place is always way too busy/packed.

  3. Cute! i love how u mixed the girly dress with the ruggid boots and leather jacket. i love mixing like that too.