Monday, December 27, 2010

Television Train

(leather jacket - michael kors; silk shirt, vest, jeans - forever21; belt, sandals - thrift; bag - aldo)
Some outfits from my trip to San's difficult living out of a suitcase with only a few articles of clothing...
I wore the same jeans for almost the whole week!

I'm also mourning the loss of my 3-fingered bar ring at the US customs..
I'm not trained in secret martial arts, I swear!
And it's NOT a brass knuckle, guys.

(everything from f21 except bag from Aldo, thrifted belt and necklace, and skirt from H&M)

I have so many (different-ish) photos because I made my mom my photo bitch for the duration of the trip, haha.

(army jacket - vintage from urban outfitters; dress - thrift)
The sea is amaaaaazing, and I love all the rocks and cliffs that surround the sea compared to lame sand.
The days I were there was super rainy, like more than ever. The sea was really stormy, and it was kind of cool.

Getting wet at Sea World.

I loveeeeeed the Getty Center. So many things to see! Ornate french furnishings, 'nuff said.

Flamingos are cool.

Good shoes for the rainy yet warmish weather.

Lamesauce oxfords that I added the blue trim to,
but clearly not very well since I got paint on the shoe it self.

Nom nom nom food shots.
Food didn't actually taste very good, lol.

Actually this Getty burger was really good.

Got back just in time for Boxing Day (spent all of Christmas Day on airplanes/in airports, I deserve it.)
I did a lot of shopping (mostly belated Christmas things) at H&M because there isn't one in Ottawa and I miss shopping there so much!
Going to use my Groupon for American Apparel tomorrow! Candice and I are going to do more shopping in the infamous downtown Toronto (right).

I really should be asleep. Have a good shopping week for all y'all Canadians and a good break for the rest of ya!


  1. such a cute outfit! and i love the getty center so much! i go there a lot! glad u enjoyed ur trip! :)

  2. I LOVE flamingos. They ARE cool. So cool. Flamingos. Love. :D

    Hehe, I love that bright blue skirt of yours. :)

  3. cute outfits!!!! :) thnx for the comment, hope you had a Merry Christmas!!!

  4. Omygosh! they thought your rings was a weapon! haha. funny! + also sad since they got it from you :(