Saturday, December 11, 2010

Basic Space

I've been neglecting this blog!! :(
I bought a new coat for my birthday but it got so cold so soon so I didn't get a lot of wear out of it :'(

(coat - urban renewal from urban outfitters; shirt, necklace, belt, boots - thrift; jeans - forever21)

Closeupsssssssssssssss. Now forgive me as I go and study for my psych final ;_;

P.S: I post stuff about my work on my new-ish blog:

I've been posting outfits there too but I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't and leave this as the sole outfit blog? I dunno.


  1. Trench looks awesome on you ;) Thanks for your comment on my blog. Now following you, care to follow me back XOXO

  2. Perfect outfit you have beautiful looks!

  3. I. Am. Completely. Enamored with your necklace. I love all things green and vintage-y, so...perfection.