Wednesday, August 11, 2010

a call to arms

As Jennifer was writing up the previous post, I was actually enjoying myself at the MGMT concert on Aug 5th. I don't think I would be sane if I didn't blog about this long awaited event (been waiting since April).

***lengthy post ahead***

Left to right: James, Will, Andrew

My friend and I waited in line in the scorching summer heat for 8 hours. My makeup melted off my face by mid afternoon. But we didn't care; our ultimate goal was to get the best view in the venue and meet the band. I'm extremely happy that we got what we wanted!

This is a photo with Will but I got the banana from James though ;)
Unfortunately I was rejected from Andrew because a mob of girls behind us lured him away for photos :/

floral dress worn as a shirt from H&M // DIY destroyed jean shorts from Bluenotes // everything else is thrifted
Sorry man, this was the only semi "outfit shot" from the day. I didn't feel like photographing myself when I was like a melting popsicle.
My hair turned from alright looking to greasy and sweat-drenched.

This is how close I close and centred I was to the stage.

The setlist was impressive. 18 songs in total: 9 from the first album, 8 from Congratulations, and a cover of Anything Could Happen originally by The Clean.

A pivotal moment was when Andrew jumped off the stage during Kids.
I GOT TO HOLD ONTO HIS MUSCULAR AND VEINY ARMS AND FINGERS FOR A GOOD MINUTE! Call me crazy but hey, wouldn't you have done so if you were in my position?!

The concert was phenomenal.
Not only were we centre front row, we also met a bunch of awesome people like Violens the opening band and their soundcheck guy Billy! And OMG he just happened to be the lead singer of MGMT Andrew's roommate. 
We had great conversations with him before, during, and after the show—he even brought us some fruits during encore! 
One important thing I learned that day was to smile and wave at whomever enters the venue where you're seeing a band. 
Who knows, maybe you could end up getting some insider info and privileges.

I met everyone from the band. My friends and I had a casual convo with Will the drummer. Oh y'know, talked about their recent trip to Japan, Montreal show, their plans after the night, Lollapalooza—no big deal ;)

(blue shirt dude's some staff person) 
I also had my tshirt signed by everyone + Andrew drew me a little flowerrrrr. 

I left at 2am, happy as ever. I didn't mind that I lost my voice for two good days (still recovering) and various parts of my body covered in bruises because **cheese alert** it was part of the experience that I know I'll remember and reminisce about 30 years later.

My next concert report? Vampire Weekend.
Stayed tuned, folks!


  1. Sounds like an eventful night!:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  2. ahaha candice, you're too great.
    i'm glad you had such an awesome time and i hope that you're currently working on compiling some sort of scrapbook as an ode to mgmt. unless you've already done which case, nvm. regardless, i'm sure the memories will ~linger on~ forever ;)

  3. jealous of your concert, how awesome!

  4. slightly more awesome than anything I've ever done -_______________-

    superb post~ well done indeed and very close pictures.

  5. ah i'm so jealous! you got to see mgmt? and soon vampire weekend? ahhh!


  6. Oh dear! waiting 8 hours!?! Glad you survived!! haha. Oh its so great that you got what you wanted :) By the way, I love your top!

    (ans) Thankkkks :):D

  7. Omg you lucky girl! I wish i was there!

    Love your outfit too by the way :) especially the ripped jeans!

  8. Hi.....thanks fr stopping by my blog today:)
    Looks like you had a great time at the concert.....:) o nice to meet you!

  9. wow you are quite legit,
    and have quite the will power.
    and you still lookked freekin adorable.<3

  10. awww you had so much fun! looks like it was a fantastic concert :)

  11. whoa, this looks so fun! and you got an awesome seat! :D

  12. looks like you had an awesome time! i still haven't been to a concert yet!

  13. Aw looks like a lot of fun! x