Friday, April 30, 2010

It's just a case of FLASH DELIRIUM


I got to meet MGMT when they dropped by the local radio station to co-host on Wednesday. The whole time during the interview Andrew was doodling instead of paying attention haha. He's pretty awkward but really chill. Ben is shy but very sweet.

Andrew VanWyngarden.. is one beautiful man. Sexy bedhair yeah?
I'll try to keep the spazz level down haha.

These guys are so quirky/adorable.

Andrew and Ben liked the way I scratched off the cover! They thought it looked pretty cool and awesome.
(more photos at my flickr)

Ever since Congratulations leaked earlier this year, some fans went berserk about it claiming that MGMT is trying to get rid of the "mainstream fans." I understand what they mean by that but I don't agree at all. Yes, this new album is very different Oracular Spectacular but there are so many aspects as to why it's like that. 

Personally, I like electro-pop a lot and I really enjoyed all of their old stuff. Although I wasn't too impressed when I heard the second album for the first time since it wasn't what I was expecting, as I listened to it more it slowly grew on me. I think it's great that they're experimenting and not just sticking with the "electro-pop" and catchy songs. 

Brian Eno

Congratulations (I looped this the most out of the album)

You can stream the entire album at their website
I got myself a presale ticket to the August 5th show at Kool Haus. Exactly 14 weeks away! This is a big shot, but is anyone else going? I'm definitely camping out the night before/morning of!


  1. now that's a cute picture of you. When I saw you write "baskin robbins 31c or MGMT at the edge" I thought you got jobs at baskin robbins and management at the edge and I was swearing at my computer because I'm still jobless.

    But now I know what it meant :)

  2. OOOO so lucky! I like your bag!

  3. So cool! Pictures are so funny. :)

  4. YOU MET MGMT!!! im soo jealous! Andrew=♥ ;)


  5. turtle reply here. you haven't touched your wordpress in so long I can smell the mold from here~

    That was INDEED the first comment lol. I find it funny how very time you write "FIRST!" you end up being 2nd :) You think my list is ok? I hope so too, I'm not that great looking but you have to roll with a list of standards or you'd be a pushover.

    When I wrote a tall girl I was looking at 5'6 on the dot, because turtle is STILL taller than that. I won't reveal my height because I'm not getting scammed on the internet - you know scammers collect info based on comments you write to others, what you post (when you made a "TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY" note), etc. and then use it to fill in the "reset your password" in school, bank and gmail? I read a news article that interviewed a scammer.. man that is scary. But yeah 5'6 Asian lol, dream on turtle boy! I wouldn't mind if she was a tiny bit taller no :) 1 or 2 inches is fine.

    It's funny how you said "a lot of korean girls are so violent" because my friend works at smart maple and regularly comments on how she finds korean FOBBY customers to be incredibly rude. How they just kinda look at something and toss it back onto the shelf, take pictures of themselves in the store even though my friend warned them not to many times, talk loud and give off the "bitch" attitude. I loved your metaphor about kick like a soccer player hahahaha. It's sadder that guys would submit themselves to such violence but you know those bitch girls are hot :) Especially when they wear mini skirts :O Turtle loves korean ladies but he wouldn't date those fob ones you described.. too much drama.

    And finally, thank you for the compliment about having patience ^_^ Good to know girls like that.

    Ahhhh it felt good to write out a long comment. HAHA~