Tuesday, June 8, 2010

down by the water

On Sunday we hung with a few friends and made a feast together. Mango salad, mashed potato, parmesan chicken, good'ol chilli, and BBQ chicken wings. Can you say delicious?

Took a few hours but hard work paid off! I'm salivating at 1am right now.

New bag! Only 15$ from Aldo.

(blazer, bangles: thrift; ring, jeans: f21; tee: urban planet; bag, star necklace, leather cuff: aldo; 
sunnies: eBay; heels: g-market)

Jennifer's been iffy about her hair ever since she had to dye her precious blue hair to black. It's fading to a brassy colour but hey, she thinks it amuses her very much so it's not too bad right? lol

 oversized denim shirt: thrifted // tee: Zipia // jeans: F21 // scarf: American Apparel // shoes: Aldo

So I started working on this painting today for my summer course (ahem, science?) that I have to write a report on. It's nothing completely original.. well, as in I pretty much appropriated a piece found on Tumblr and revised it.

Still a work in progress; needs a lot more fixing of course. Come to realize, I haven't picked up a paint brush for a year. It's almost embarrassing posting this.. lol :(


  1. You two always have awesome outfits that compliment each other hehe

    Cute bag and sunnies (:

    Oh that shirt is crazy! After picking up a brush after a year, I must say that's an awesome painting

  2. i love your purse! that is an awesome find. all of these pics were so fun and interesting :)

  3. you guys are so super stylish!
    you both look insanely amazing.
    thanks for the comment on my blog!
    i'm now a follower of your blog. yay!
    anyways if you want to exchange blogrolls, then i'm your girl!
    question; what camera do you use?

    have a lovely day!

  4. I love the heels, very Ann Demeleumeester!

  5. i love the shoesss xD

    oh anyway thanks for following my blog ;DD
    of course i followed you back!

    keep in touch ;)


  6. Hello... Thanks for your comment on my blog, answering your question, the stripes top is from Zara. haha, you should go visit Bali some time. ;)
    And I love your bag and shoes... And surprisingly the Aldo bag is just only $15. amazing.