Monday, May 10, 2010


Today, Candice (that's Erik) and I (Jennifer aka Oskar) went to check out the OCAD grad show down by Chinatown,
and maybe hand out a few résumés (which didn't happen).
We took a few outfit shots, but don't let the nice weather fool you, it was actually as cold as heck.

Me on the phone...with my dad.

Candice looking at something.

(leopard trench, f21; hole-y sweater, Michael Kors; button-up shirt, thrift; studded jeans, DIY; backpack and shoes, Zipia; sunglasses, eBay)

my hair is a bizarre shade of forest green.

Looking for my sunglasses..

These jeans are starting to fall apart now that I've worn them so much.
Time for a stud transplant!

Lol, lots of photos of me calling my dad..

Got these shoes when we ordered from Zipia in during reading week but only started to wear them now.

C: I've grown more lust for this purse since my sister brought it in her wardrobe some years ago.
It has a (wooden) handle, therefore I can only carry it with my hand. It makes carrying a purse have so much more substance hah.

C: Seriously telling ya, it was cold enough to wear a coat and a scarf.

scarf, shades: F21 // lace shirt, dress: thrifted // coat: Urban Behaviour // shoes:

C: I wear these way too much now since I got them in February.

I hope you're still with us because now we're on to the show!

This is my favourite piece in the whole show.
The artist has a few other pieces that depicted movement so well but I didn't get great photos of them.

I wasn't overly impressed with the industrial design work that were shown,
but it does have something to do with me coming from a much smaller ID program with a much more technical basis, and industry involvement.
Our graduates (Carleton and YSDN) worked with a lot of industry professionals and actual companies for their thesis works,
whereas the OCAD students had a more self and prof directed approach.

C: I wasn't too fond of the graphic design or advertising work. Not quite impressed by the winners either lol.

Great illustration work! I was most impressed with the illustration works exhibited.
Almost every single one of them I adored and would have paid money to see!

Candice did a HIMYM inspired get to know you card.
Pretty cool!

I got tired half way through the show and took this long exposure picture.
(it's 6 whole floors of work, hundreds of students showing!)
I think it's pretty cool.

Confused about the title? 


  1. both of you look so cool love your outfit !

  2. nice post..!

  3. Wow, I'm really liking the pictures :) this post was amazing!

  4. God I love your hair! And you're so pretty! Love those studded jeans!

  5. that picture is awesome! and i LOVE your sunglasses<3


  6. both of you have awesome outfits on! I love the stud idea to worned out jeans

  7. Your photos are amazing.
    Loving both of your outfits. I feel like I need to be more daring with what I wear. I love how animal prints and studs look but I don't think I'd ever be able to pull it off confidently the way you did.

    <3 Serena.

  8. wow! these two looks are stunning..
    love both coats.. the print one is perfect.

  9. Hey, would you mind telling me the seller of your cat sunglasses? Thanks a bunch! =)

  10. Really great details to this outfit, love it!!!

  11. I like that last picture, it's so cool. Sounds like you had fun! I love those shoes, so neat. (:

  12. Great fashion, great photos...lovely blog!

  13. thanks for the lovely comments everyone!

    and for alyssa:

  14. really both love of the coats!
    mm are you guys siblings? :)
    i have just followed you
    mind to follow back?
    have a great weekend

  15. Wonderful outfits, you two have a lovely blog!
    The pictures from the show are nice and HAHA I LOVE DANE COOK. I'm always quoting that sketch, especially the part about the cookies XD

  16. great sunnie from ebay! they look like the A. Wang x Linda Farrow sunglasses :) and cute booties!!