Monday, April 19, 2010


cardigan, belt, necklace: Value Village // circle scarf as dress: American Apparel
earrings via Oskar // tights: H&M // bracelet, bag: // shoes: Aldo
I'm so in love with these tights. They're thin enough to be worn during warmer weather.

The infamous AA circle scarf has finally made its debut as a piece of clothing! 
This one was $6 from the rummage sale back in November. I didn't have anything white that's long enough to cover my butt so circle scarf, why not?

I would've ditched the cardigan if it weren't only ~13ºC today (much colder in the shade).

Photobooth shot of the accessories. 
These earrings are pretty awesome! They're like zippers. Got them from Oskar for Christmas.
Then there's the necklace/choker, however you wanna call it; $1 from Value Village. I love how simple it is (can probably be DIYed too) and it's like my "everyday" kind of neck accessory thing now haha.

Grad show was great. I was too mesmerized by some amazing work that documenting them became oblivious thought. 
The only two things I managed to photograph were this really cool interactive touch screen display.

The other one: juice box packaging. I'd actually buy this if it were in the stores.
I would love to go again tomorrow if someone would accompany haha.

Sooo, this volcanic ash from Iceland business is getting on my nerves. I'm not quite sure if my ASOS order was shipped or not.

But meanwhile, I've been distracting myself with good music.
I can get sick of a good song but never get tired of listening to its remixes.

Chiddy Bang's Opposite of Adults is out on iTunes for the US today.
Oskar's obsessed with Xaphoon Jones lol



    Ok. I should be studying for psych, it is in less than 11 hours.

    I'm going to my grad show tomorrow!!! I'm excited to be seeing cool shit too :3

    What is that stringy thing anyway?

  2. Love this super chic outfit!The leggings make the whole look come together. I love it.

  3. That sweater is a must have!

  4. lovelove your oufit, that cardigan looks so comfy :)

  5. I'm addicted to stockings right now. Just bought some black and white houndstooth ones, and I'm dying to wear them in a post.

    Love the blog, xo