Thursday, April 22, 2010

the fights and the suffering and the conquest in your dreams

(jacket, f21; shirt, zara men's; pants, zipia; necklace,; aztec bag, thrift)

I'm moving this weekend so these are one of the last photos in this location
They're building a new house in the lot beside, hence the orange construction barrier

My school also had a grad show that I went to see
(some what haphazardly and rushed)

4th year work, designs for the Children's Museum.

2nd years designed storefronts and the products to be sold in them.
This model is made out of wood! It's actually really heavy, but look at that finish!

The 3rd years designed birdhouses for the Toronto Botanical Garden.

4th year again, a screen that is to be used in museums to display information.
It's pretty cool how it projects from a small projector off a mirror.

There was also first year work displayed
(they put up my salt and pepper shakers, hahaha)
but I didn't get great photos of it, so I'm not posting.

I'm moving back to Toronto this weekend so there will be probably more photos when I meet up with Erik!


  1. I've never been to this place before :S hrm it looks interesting. Nice outfit~

  2. love the vintage bag! and love designs for the Children's Museum. its so unique

  3. is this by any chance @ ryerson? :O

  4. ^No, I haven't checked out the ryerson grad show yet, but this is the grad show for Carleton's Industrial Design program up in Ottawa :)

  5. The bag... Oh wow. I want to steal it. Too bad you're on the other side of the planet.

    Keep it up xx

  6. Love love love your bag!

  7. that braun thing looks interesting to me !
    i love your hoodie and shoes !
    enjoy your upcoming week !
    glisters and blisters