Sunday, February 28, 2010

stars and sequins

Big undertaking today.
My hair is now blue.

You can't see it so much in this picture...and because I dyed it twice to get ride of the really green strands, it's now a really dark blue instead of the bright electric blue I wanted it to be :(

Next time I'll know to use white dye with the bleach to get rid of the yellow.

Towards the back it is still really greenish because I couldn't see where to apply the dye so I didn't bother.

(sequined blazer, shorts, boots, Forever21; stars shirt, French Connection; shiny leggings, Zipia; belt, thrift)

Also, everybody is so excited about Canada's hockey gold.
My twitter and facebooks are both exploding with it!

Well, I'm much much more of a football (not am. football...) person.


  1. Dont know if you'll be interested, but take a look at the top on my giveaway. Maybe you'll win :) <3

  2. I'm in love with that top, it's fantastic!

    and yeah, I'm super excited about Canada winning gold in hockey too!

  3. I love this outfit! The jacket makes it futuristic and fun ;D
    & about your comment, the headbands are actually super easy to make, as long as you know how to do a chain, and a single crochet. The bows and flowers are a different story but I have a pink headband with no appliques and I love it just as much. Haha & I would love to make crocheted tights but I'm not sure how successful I'd be at it :/

    xx, Melissa

    P.S. Love your blog! I'm following <3

  4. I love the new hair, it looks great on you! so rocker chic ;)

  5. whoa. you know usually im not into crazy hair, but this i kinda like!!!

  6. my best friend has blue hair and i think it's one of his best rock it! you look awesome. :)


  7. you look gorgeous! i love the sequin jacket very much. the combination with shorts and boots made it more casual. i adore your haircut as well! i'm following you :)

  8. It may not be the colour you were aiming for but I LOVE IT!
    & your outfit - especially those amazing boots and sequin blazer



  9. Your hair looks great, i like the hair cut. Everythin ong this outfit makes me DIE.

    =) Thanks for the comment on my blog. Would you like to exchange links?

  10. you pull off that jacket so well! looks really good on you:)
    your style is pretty definitely following ur blog!

  11. I LOVE THAT BLAZER. you are so rocking it haha :) anyhow, i like the way your hair turned out.

  12. great out of this world look(terrible, terrible joke). seriously awesome star shirt though, invite me on your next space adventure! haha

  13. Thanks so much for the lovely comment!

    Wowww,blue hair?? The brightest I've got with my hair was hot red. ahaha But I do love the color of your hair now.

    Gorgeous sequin blazer and I love love those boots as well! You have got to get those Jooks shoes,really comfy :)

  14. looks verry pretty
    beautifl hair ,
    nice jacket
    very hot tights

  15. Amazing hair! I've been wanting to put a colour in mine for a while, but am too scared of doing it!
    Love the blazer too!

  16. the blezer is a killes, so does your shoes collection I've seen on your blog! :).

  17. your outfit is freekin ahhmazing!

  18. I love your outfit! Especially those boots! I am tres jealous.

    Sarah from The Etiquette Cult

  19. I'm in love with you hair, the blue is so cute. Great outfit!


  20. Gorgeous blue! The shorts and blazer look is also quite adorable.


  21. thanks for stopping by my blog! love your photography skills and style :)

  22. I still think its a very awesome blue! It suits you so much! Especially with your style, I LOVE IT!

    Thanks for the comment :D
    I will definitely follow you as I love your blog so much!

    - Au Revoir

  23. you pull off this look crazy well! i would NEVER be able to look that good in any of that!

    btw, your blue hair is so cool! andddd your blog title too! :)

    Tie Me a Bow

  24. From now on whenever I hear the term "blue-haired lady" I'm going to think of this post. Thank you, because that is a HUGE improvement over the image that used to spring to mind! LOL

    Thank you for visiting my page. Meeting new people and getting to know them is one of my favorite activities. Hope to see you again!

  25. Doll that sequin jacket is just gorg! Thanks for visiting me! And yes, someone needs to print that design from Marrakech on a jacket and you and me both will wear it! Hugs