Thursday, February 11, 2010

A sort of a photo spam today
Spent the day at school with friends,
working on school work.
Might not sound fun, but it isn't so bad.

Creepers against the window

My friend's delicious smelling lunch

So many photos of myself in iPhoto!

Pretty apples in the caf

It's my friend Nate's birthday today.
He's silly. (Nate you'll never see this since I'll never let you see it, but hi)

His netbook looks cool.

New lace ups for the summer

(Shirt, Old Navy; Blue skirt, H&M; lace tights layers over grey leggings, thrift & F21; grey lace up heels, F21)

What I wore, but with creepers instead of heels.
The sun was setting right when I was taking photos, but it made taking these photos so difficult,
with the shadows overlapping over me.

I get to go back to Toronto this Saturday!
Chill with Erik and get all my new shoes!

In the mean time, I'm very upset about Alexander McQueen's death.
I found out this morning and was shocked for most of the day.
I think we are all in mourning.
Don't forget to always lend a hand even if you think a friend isn't in a lot of trouble.

I don't think I ever got over when Daul Kim died,
certainly this does not make things easier,
but life must go on, right?

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