Saturday, February 6, 2010

c'est la folie

Thursday is always the busiest day of the week for me but us design kids have been partying away once the night comes along for the past four weeks. 
This week's theme: "we are professional so dress like it"

cropped top, skirt: H&M / tights: American Apparel / shoes: Aldo / headscarf: from Oskar

Not really professional, but hey I tried. 
I'm rediscovering this H&M skirt. It's comfy and versatile.
Be warned that it may appear on here multiple times from now on.

Totally unrelated to the post but I wanted to share anyway. 
I took this for an assignment but didn't actually use it.

I ended up using these:

Oskar is upset that her "beautiful androgynous" coat is out of stock.
*pats her back*


  1. the androgynous coat is from zipia right? I was eyeing it too, quite unfortunate that it is out of stock

    black skirt is such a staple!!

  2. Ugh I'm so bitter about the coat
    We even ended up paying for it, and after the money went through they told us it was out of stock


  3. hey i recognize that background! THAT'S ATROCIOUS CINTERBLOCK of York University's rez! I think....

  4. i really love your outfit..especially your skirt:)

  5. i love your blog and love your style :)

  6. and im d new followers.

  7. Love the blue stockings! Love your hair too.


  8. haha, I just remembered this: