Thursday, March 29, 2012


(jeans + sweater - h&m; bag + coat + chocker + raybans - taobao; shoes - converse via taobao)

I'm back! I finally got my hands on a tripod and remote, as well as a place for taking decent photos. I've been wearing about the same things over and over again (I've turned into one of those people! Blergh!) so here is my uniform for this gloomy spring we've been having in Wuxi.

I've also turned into a Taobao you can see. There are just so many goodies on that website it's impossible to go a week without purchasing just one little thing. Also, if anyone wants the link to anything I'm wearing, just leave a comment below! Or if someone needs a Taobao guide, I'd be glad to give one as well. 

Not much news otherwise...just busy with school and some travelling. Working on the upcoming giveaway too! 

Talk to you guys soon!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! =] I'm a fan of your necklace.