Thursday, February 16, 2012


New purchases from when I was in Beijing. I won't say where I got it since you probably can guess my financial situation, haha.
  Shopping in China is really stressful. I'm not much of a haggler, but I do have one trick up my sleeve. I wait for my friends to haggle something, and then go in at the end of the deal and say "since my friend is buying so much from you, why don't you give me a deal on this too?" and seal the bargain without much effort. That's how I got these lovely neon belts for about 2 CAD each!


  1. beautiful celine bag! =) i hate haggling as well. my cantonese isn't that great lol

  2. i loveee that bag! i think im too nice to haggle..When i go to jamaica i need my mom to come shopping with me so that she can get me deals or else i spend like 40 dollars on crap worth 2.. >.>

  3. that bag is gorgeous! haha I love shopping in Asia as well but all the haggling is so tiring. especially if they know you're a foreigner! thanks for the comment on my blog btw, the link to the belt is here: :)