Saturday, August 27, 2011

When You Hear That

(shoes+silk top - forever21; skirt+clutch - zara)
Wore this to Starbucks after a recent addiction to their iced chai latte and my friend's penchant of showing off his new iPad 2 by browsing the internet in Starbucks. I'm really sorry for the bad quality of these photos..I had to crop them super close...and I still haven't changed the image size. Will do that now!

I like the weird contrasts between bright magenta and green...and a bit of blue. I've turned into a colour fiend somehow. I've always believed in neutrals and greys for the summer but now I'm all about colour! Scary.

I got these wooden sandals for the summer and this is the first time I've worn them! I know why people don't make shoes out of wood anymore. They have no flex and are very uncomfortable...maybe if I put gel pads in?? I knew clogs weren't for me..

This is me trying to "look natural", and hence the awkward hand to hair pose... Probably only a few more outings until school starts *tear*


  1. great style, fab pics! :)
    let`s visit and follow us

    xx K&M

  2. .. but.. the clogs look HOT ;)

  3. Right? I was so shocked when you started getting in COLOURS so much this season.

  4. I saw your blog comment about my Cambridge Satchel! As for places that carry it in TO, I think there's only two stores: Philistine and A2Zane. The 15' yellow cost me 159 plus tax, which is basically the amount it costs from the site with shipping (84 GBP for bag + 15 GBP for shipping = roughly 160 CAD).

    The reason I didn't order it online is because they ship through FedEx, who charges INSANE brokerage fees. I used a site called The Final Cost to calculate what the brokerage fees and duties would have been on the bag - It would have cost me close to 220 bucks!

    So yeah, if you have the patience, wait to buy it in England as that's undoubtedly the cheapest route. But if you can't wait, check out the TO retailers I mentioned! However, I definitely wouldn't recommend buying online.

    /end novel.

    Anyways, I'm majorly in love with your skirt, as well as this colour pairing - it's totally unexpected, but it works.

  5. Love the colors of your outfit! :D
    And I like your sense of humor in your writing. :)

    Thank you Jennifer for your comment on our bday post! And yes, we had a great bday! :D

  6. love the color blocking girl!

    i absolutely adore your blog! i checked out your design blog & portfolio and you are very talented! what design school did you attend? ocad? (i'm assuming since you're in t.o./ottawa area)

    anyway, thanks for visiting! would love to hear from you again soon :)


  7. I like your interesting mix of colour. Pulled it off very well :)

  8. Awesome outfit, so bright! I adore your skirt <3

  9. love your blog :) xx

  10. This comment is for candice. She doesnt use any other blog so I dont know where else to reply. I will reply to jennifer (pictured above) on her own blog...

    Herro. I totally wrote that mgmt joke just for you. For YOU. I totally wikied their information, but I also gave oracular spectacular a true listening before I decided to hate them. I will never randomly hate something. I also dislike listening to nickelback.

    Many people have asked me why my drawing has a line on top of his head. I don't understand why this is not obvious? That's his hair of course! If you flip back, the women have triangular shapes indicating long hair. The men have lines indicating short hair. Guess my artistic skills are too "high class"~

  11. I did not keep the iphone nope, returned it and got my money back. But I put the money aside and I will definitely buy a new iphone. Definitely. I can't resist anymore....

    -I can wear my own promo shirt :D I never knew that was taboo though. Kanye is hilarious, I hope you clicked the video of him falling off stage I tweeted a while back.