Tuesday, May 17, 2011

within and without

I haven't posted in a long time, but look at all this greenery and colour! 
Spring is finally upon up, and of course all that rainy gloomy weather. No complaining from me though because I'm glad it's finally kind of warm enough, and school is kind of out (I'm taking some summer courses, so not reaaaaally out of school.)

(shirt, ralph lauren; cropped sweater, h&m; skirt, smart set; boots, spring)

I'm in all orange (it looks red) because....well vibrant colour is totally my thing now! I don't really know why, but colour colour colour...must be some kind of summer fever.

I totally got this H&M sweater in all kind of patterns and colours, because I find myself wearing the black one so much. Probably a good call there now that the weather is getting chilly again.

These boots also don't look very high, but they're make me a good 4 inches above ground, and surprisingly comfy if you subtract the sprained ankles from all that height. My ankle joints are super flexible now since I sprain my ankles all the time....clumsy..what can you do right?


  1. I LOVEEE all red! it looks great! :)


  2. It's refreshing to see so many colours in your photos now :)

    Love the outfit!

  3. I really like the red-on-red, and your hair looks amazing!!

  4. love love the all red. Im planning on doing full orange.