Tuesday, December 21, 2010


While Jennifer's enjoying warmer weather down at San Diego (albeit rainy!) I'm back at home suffering through frostbites-incuding Canadian winter.

I'm kidding, I'm not gonna taunt you like that. You can't see what I'm wearing in those shitty photos.

faux fur snood, pendant: ASOS // pants, sweater : Zipia.net // socks: f21 // blouse (can you see the cuffs?): thrifted //shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

I can't tell you enough how much I adore this snood. It's like wrapping a cat around your neck.
Also, I think I wear this pendant way too much that it's almost embarrassing.

In loooove with these new JC brogues! Scored for $50 at Solestruck during the Black Friday sale. The old black Aldo oxfords may be retiring.. 

Meanwhile... I've been knitting!

It was supposed to be all red but I ran out of red yarn. I'm 3/4 done and I guarantee that the next time you see me update it will be completed. I know, I'm that determined to finish it.

I realized how inconsistent the photos look in this post. I was close to retaking everything because I'm nit-picky like that. But nah I'll pass this time; I'd rather snuggle in my bed with my tea, laptop, and yarns & needles.

I hope everyone's done (or close to) their exams and enjoying their break!


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  1. Great outfit! I've been knitting up a storm too lately, you would think that knitting something before it's winter would be more ideal but I can't seem to knit any other season than winter! maybe cause it keeps my hands warm from all the movement? idk lol