Wednesday, July 28, 2010


LOL check out my BIG ASS HAIR! And squishy round face. Anyways...

I never thought I'd apologize for not posting but I'm really sorrrry for not posting.
For the past few weeks I've gotten SUPER busy (as opposed to bumming around at home),
but things didn't manage to work out so now I'm bumming around at home once again, with time to blog (and watch a lot of Bones).

(striped shirt: H&M men; skirt: H&M; bag: Aldo; heels: Zipia; rings from F21)
Once again, it's way too humid to be taking photos anywhere so you have to contend with my now blooming garden. 
I wore this to my driving class (which I went to with Candice). It turned out to be lots of fun thanks to having a cool group, despite the potential to be super boring. 
This now leads to the actual in-car driving instructor is kind of an ass. At the end of the first lesson he was all: 
"You should be glad that I'm teaching you because no other instructor will have the patience to teach you."
WTF?!? Even if I'm absolutely CRAP at driving (which by the way, I am not, you will not see me on Canada's Worst Driver), you don't say that to a paying customer. 

Whatevs, I'm gonna be so good at driving I'll win an award for it and you'll regret ever saying that about me.

Ok, I got kind of carried away bitching about the driving instructor...
I got these shoes from Forever21 'cause they're on Yellow Tag sale for 14$. 
I really like the shape but DAMN they are so stiff! Get these only if you're willing to endure a few blisters before you break them in..

Dimpled Knuckle Ring is (once again) from Forever21, dunno if it's still online.

I also got the striped shirt I'm wearing from H&M (men's section, hehe) on sale for 10$, but imagine my frustration when I go back to the store a few days later and see them priced down to 5$...:(
I ended up picking up the same style in a different colour, making it 7.50$ per shirt.

I also got Revlon's ColourBurst lipstick in Soft Nude! They just came out in Canada recently.
I went to 4 different stores and they were all sold out in this ONE colour! 
Luckily, I managed to snag the very last one at WalMart :3
I really like the formula and it's a really nice nude tone, but maybe it washes me out just a little bit.


  1. I love love your exciting blue skirt. (: Makes me happy. AND YOUR SHOES they are killer. Serial killer. Yes. :D

  2. :o i cant believe your driver instructor said that! He shouldnt complain as your the one paying, jeez! and thats so annoying when you buy something, then you go back to the same store and the price is so much lower! I feel like i've been robbed aahaha

    and the lipstick looks pretty, and i'd probably purchase it because of its shell. Im a sucker for good packaging.

  3. I really love this, blue and brown looks amazing together.

  4. Love the outfit.. blues and brows will always look good in my eyes!:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  5. Oh, so funny! I was shopping at H&M with my boyfriend and I saw that in the men section and I told him I would totally wear that! Hehe Thumbs up for you wearing it because you look great! You look so cute going to driving school! haha I hated driving school soo much! So boring.

    Forever21 always have cute shoes, but yea, you need to be willing to have blisters for a few days..

  6. you look awesome!
    i love the color of the outfit, looks great on you!
    and i can't wait to get that lipstick!!


  7. i saw shoes similar to that at h&M and thought about them! :)

  8. I really love everything in this look! the skirt, top, ring, shoes it all goes perfect together!

  9. Jenster: Now that's a pretty smile! Outfit is nice but I cant wear it. I DO however love the bag beware I might come steal it :O

    ;) Your driving instructor can go to hell though.. that's so lamesauce I'd puke if I had to eat it. If my instructor said anything like that to me he would get an automatic hammer fist on the head (talking down a guy's driving capabilities is a no no).

    I thought you said you had a white macbook. Why is it silver =.=

    YE YE jay chou + seth rogen (you wrote roger LOL). Must watch even though he is truly a terrible terrible actor.... his english is terrible and he doesn't show any emotion properly. "This place" is at:

    Click location. So get parents to drive... or better yet a pretty boy from school :O It's about 25 minutes on the highway from first markham place. Is that too far for you?