Monday, April 12, 2010

mo money mo problems

(shirt, French Connection; jeans, F21; laceup heels, GMarket; necklace, ASOS; bag, thrift)

I've been real quiet because it's exam season :(
I wore this to buy microwave meals.
It's such a pity because the weather is so nice, but I'm holed up studying for econ!

The funny thing is, half way through taking these photos,
I realize that an old man in the house next door was looking at me through his balcony window.

My first order from ASOS came in!
I got these two necklaces from the men's section and I love them!
They came packed in these charming boxes, and they are made out of real metal!
The bronze necklace is actually really heavy.
You can probably blind someone if you swing it in their face.

I also bought some other things too but they're not really everyday wear,
probably more appropriate for parties..we'll see.


  1. Love the skinny jeans on you. That skull dagger necklace looks awesome!

  2. I thrifted the bag a long time ago way back during the first 50% off VV sale....
    I never really wore it out (didn't find the right occasion to), but figured why not today.

  3. Cute outfit, you reminded me to really try getting stuff from ASOS!:D

    Just followed your blog, follow mine too?:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  4. i am absolutely in love with your shoes... this pair is perfect!

  5. lovely outfit, those shoes are yum and those necklaces too!

  6. LOL you got your money's worth on that bronze necklace, accessory and a weapon.

  7. Can you please please post the link to buy the shoes? I love them so much..I remember u said u got them from Gmarket but Gmartket is way too complicated & big for me to search.. thank you so much.!

  8. Those shoes are absolutely gorgeous. I love the necklaces as well, I never really thought to check out the men's jewelry...

    Sarah from The Etiquette Cult

  9. absolute love seriously!!! n u place looks soooo nice despite the construction-like thingy going on behind!