Thursday, March 18, 2010

quelqu'un m'a dit

(vest, shoes, shorts, tank, all F21; denim jacket, hand me down from my cousin)

I've realized that the only reason I own so much F21 clothing is b/c I'm too lazy to get off my ass to do real shopping, and not just click around online. I even have my credit card info memorized so I don't need to pull out my credit card all the time......

Not a big update today...
I've been kind of busy being lazy.
I just watched about 7 movies in the last 2 days,
some good, some really bad.

(ok, I'll be honest, I watched he's just not that into you THREE times,
I honestly don't even know why I liked it so much.
yeah I just skipped all the parts with bradley cooper and scarlett johanssen and forwarded to the parts with ginnifer goodwin and justin long..
they're so cute hahaha.)

But really, considering the amount of work I have to do
I'm screwed.

I'm gonna work all night today and try to enjoy the trip to the aviation museum tomorrow...
and then see how I'll survive the weekend...


  1. yoire not the only one that has a bunch of work to do but love the vest and the shoes!
    such a cute outfit!!

  2. thanks for comment =)... i like your style =)

  3. I like the vest, I just bought one similar to yours at express.

  4. gorgeous look! i adore your shoes!

  5. nice outfit, those shorts really fit you
    and cat glasses below are just great

  6. i absolutely love your shoes! great!

  7. I adore the vest and the shoes! Very fabulous pictures.

    Sarah from The Etiquette Cult

  8. love your vest and shoes are amazing!

  9. i'm so in love with yours heels! you look great here. and i shop way too much on forever 21 that i have my credit card number memorized too! haha :P

  10. oh my goodness. i LOVE that fur vest. you have no idea how much i want it!

  11. Hey :)

    The outfit is RIGHT. I LOVE the furry vest, quirky but really different. I gave you a fashion blog award :)

  12. "I've been kind of busy being lazy."

    Hilarious! I laughed my head off!

    Great outfit, btw. :D

  13. Doh, these photos make me wish I had bought the vest while it was on clearance at F21! It looks super cute on you!

  14. I love your style, the vest & shoes are amazing!


  15. thanks for your comment! i love your outfit u look cute:)

  16. I think ur pics are soooo goddamned awesome! keep that up sweetie!