Thursday, January 14, 2010

Winter Romance

These days all I do is sit at home and eat raisins.

I've given myself a sort of midweek break. On Wednesdays and Thursdays I don't go to school. I have one or two classes on these days and none of them are worth going to.

Instead I choose to sit at home and play dress up.

Of course I wouldn't wear this outside in this weather. Neither is what I'm wearing really "my style". But I've been rather down lately and this sort of thing cheers me up.

Lately I've been gravitating to soft colours like beiges, oatmeals, creams and browns. I never really thought I would soften up. I thought I would live in studs forever.

This is one of my favourite bags. It is the perfect shape and is a lovely brown.

I originally bought the necklace for a friend but I liked it too much to give it to her. Now it decorates my bag.

I also painted my nails a bright, almost obnoxious green to offset this gloomy weather.


  1. the 2nd photo is so pretty! i love this but the tights are too harsh here imo.

    the 2nd last photo actually looks like the necklace is resting on skin.

  2. I wish I had white tights to wear but I don't :(
    The only ones I had were like white leggings with black polkadots but I don't think that would work well

    leather...used to be skin? LULZ.

    I want a DDR mat
    and bike shorts
    and just classic (<--lol) liquid black leggings

  3. i love playing dress up too.. im totally loving the muted colors you used in this ensemble!!! so lovely.. :)

    oohh.. i want that nail polish! :D

  4. I have been painting my nails this green as well! Winter snow can be so tiresome!